Yespeed smart PDU P series documents (arranging)

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Product information

P series product specification

P series product color page

P series product specification parameter

P series users video click to play

P series how to find IP  

P series push e-mail settings

P series solutions

Configuratin software

P series search IP setup software    setup tutorial

P series host client software   windows setup tutorial   linux  

P series centralize the management of soft  

Online functional demonstration center

P seriesonline experience website               User name and password:admin     

Online centralized management platform experience.          user name:admin password:123456

P series PDU  online experience SSH     Test equipment IP port 22

P series  online experience   Snmp         Test equipment IP port 161    

Telnet       tool                 Test equipment IP port  2323  user name:admin password:admin

Pseries  online experience Mqtt    

P series connection APC ups

Tools (Tool software source network, do not commercial)

putty     Debugging type        download

Serial port assistant  485-modbus

Modbus-tcp  tool

Agreement instruction files

SNMP V1 V2C V3 system description  specification(win)   common mib form  SNMPtool

Telnet specification  introduce 

SSH SSH tool

MQTT specification  MQTT Server layout

Modbus-RTU   Tutorial

Modbus-TCP   Tutorial

socket及工具   Tutorial

Secondary development document  PORT

python   Apply(Raspberry PI Mqtt protocol)




Authentication certificate


CE certificate

Upgrade the firmware

97.bin add 4G function                         Click to download

81.bin snmp add alarm log                   Click to download