Yespeed smart PDU C Series file summary (arranging)

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Product information

C series product specification

C series product color page

series  specification

C series users video   click to play

C series how to find IP click to play

C series  supported air conditioner list check

Configuration software

C Series Search IP setting software    Setup tutorial     download

C series simple centralized management softwareC/S

C series simple centralized management softwareB/S   Browser version(client needn't install the software)Contact customer service

Online functional demonstration center

Click to enter C-series online experience website              User name and password:admin     

Click to enter C-series online centralized management platform experience  User name:admin password123456

Click to enter  compatible: hameassistantMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Tools (Tool software source network, do not commercial)

Serial port assistant  485-modbus

MQTT client debugging tool    

MQTT server

Agreement explanatory document

MQTT protocol      Co-monitoring and Separate control  Separate monitoring and Separate control 

Modbus-RTU   Tutorial     download

socke and tool   Tutorial      Check Code tool   download

http协议          Tutorial      debugging software    

Secondary development document   PORT





Authentication certificate


CE certificate

Upgrade the firmware